Getting Around

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Honolulu, HI

Getting Around

Oahu is chock full of incredible places and experiences that easily rival those any other state has to offer. From the historic Pearl Harbor Memorial to the iconic Iolani Palace the culture and history of Hawaii is celebrated everyday. The beauty of the island remains in this ever industrial age and can be glimpsed in places like Diamond Head, Pali Lookout, and Hanauma Bay.

The question then is how to get there. Here in Oahu you have several options in terms of transportation. The first option is to rent a car so that you can travel at your own leisure. If you are traveling short distances on your own it might be more cost effective to rent a car.Walking is great way to see the sights, and the short distances between places make it a less daunting task. Taxis and shuttles are always available and willing but it depends on how much money you're willing to spend. One of the most affordable options is Hawai'i public transportation available on TheBus which can get you anywhere you want to go on the island for a reasonable price.

Choosing the right mode of transportation is a matter of personal discretion. You should take into consideration how many people are traveling with you, the number of days you will be on the island, the amount of money you feel comfortable spending, and how far your accommodations are from where you plan to go.

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